Food review

Week 3: Romeo’s

This week I decided to dine back in the South Eastern ‘burbs in hopes to prove that there’s decent Spaghetti Bolognese outside of Lygon Street – redemption after week one is what I was after. Romeo’s in Toorak was my destination. You can’t miss this place when driving down Toorak Road – the neon sign poking out of it’s roof is a true icon of Toorak Village.

The Spaghetti Bolognese looked tasty with a nice rich colour. The portion was a good size, but the sauce was a ‘pour on top’ kind, which you may already know, is not my preference.

At first glance it looked like a thick sauce with fair sized chunks, however on first bite I noticed the sauce was quite runny and the chunks were bigger than I wished. The flavour was nice, certainly well balanced however it didn’t seem to marry well as the sauce didn’t coat the chunks properly. The meat had a bit of chew to it and wasn’t as tender as I had hoped. But, over all it was good – the flavour was there, the Spaghetti was cooked right and the pasta to sauce ratio was generous.

Price: Entree $19.50, Main $22.50
Score: 14/20

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