Food review

Week 6: Portofino

This week I visited a recently opened quaint little pizza and pasta restaurant in Glen Huntly, Portofino – 10 weeks old. This place serves as a perfect local Italian restaurant – it’s cheap and a great little takeaway joint, or good for a casual Sunday night family meal out.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Spaghetti Bolognese arrived. These people are on my team – the stir through-ing team! The colour of the sauce looked promising – not too bright red, and not too brown. The sauce looked to be of good consistency and thickness.

The texture of the sauce was how I like – the clumps (which were of the size I enjoy) were well incorporated into a thick sauce that coated each strand of Spaghetti evenly. The seasoning was OK (more pepper would have been appreciated), the portion size a little on the large side but the pasta-to-sauce ratio was spot on.

However, the flavour was a little bit unbalanced – I do like a sweet note, but I found this sauce too sweet lacking a sense of richness. The meat was tender, but it had a meaty flavoured aftertaste which may indicate that this sauce could have cooked for a little bit longer. And, as for the pasta, I would have preferred it a little less cooked. Overall this Spaghetti Bolognese was good, especially for it’s price (cheapest one to date!).

Price: $11
Score: 15/20

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