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Week 9: The Red Pepper

A few people have asked me if I’m getting sick of eating Spaghetti Bolognese yet. My answer – no. Eating a spag bol a week is by no means a culinary feat, and each week’s Bolognese presents a new bowl of surprises. This week at The Red Pepper in Bentleigh was no different.

The presentation was lovely, and the portion size generous (though too generous for my tummy!). The actual Spaghetti was one of the best I’ve tried – cooked perfectly with a nice chew to each strand of pasta. On first taste of the Bolognese sauce, I was delighted with how tender the meat was. And then it hit me like a Hot Tamale Train. Enter chilli. Chilli is a divider for many spag bol eaters – some love it and can’t eat one without a hit, while others believe it takes away from the Italian sweet ragu flavour. Me, I don’t mind an oh so subtle bite, but I found this one was far too overpowering. Even the person I was dining with, who regularly eats spag bol at this place, agreed that there was too much chilli in this batch. As someone who has a low tolerance for spicy food, this dish wasn’t very pleasant to eat. For me it was as hot as Miranda Kerr’s post baby bod, which was a shame as it ticked so many other boxes.

The consistency of the sauce was desirable, and the meat to tomato flavour balance was how I enjoy. There was another downside to this dish which was the very coarse peppercorns sprinkled throughout. While my palate was trying to digest the chilli, it was fighting the bursts of harsh pepper which added to my pain.

This dish does have merit however – great texture, suitable viscosity and perfect pasta. For those who enjoy chilli in their bolognese will definitely enjoy this one.

Price: $17.90
Score: 13/20

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