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Week 16: Pellegrini’s

Pellegrini’s is a true Melbourne institution and is embedded in the history of this city. The tiny espresso bar sits on the corner of a laneway at the top end or Bourke Street just a few doors down from Florentino’s. It’s by no means near close to fine dining but it serves authentic Italian and provides a comforting atmosphere.

Pellegrini’s is a place I have been visiting for years with my father, who eats here regularly. My family finds any excuse to have a bite here – pre theatre, pre-football or just for fun. Customers eat perched along the tight bar, or enjoy their meal on the shared table in the petite kitchen. Anyone else remember the old Nonna who used to cook up the meals? Now Rose runs the oven and stoves. I usually order spaghetti bolognese when eating Italian out, but Pellegrini’s is an exception as I can never go past their lasagna. But of course, for the blog I ate their spag bol.

The sauce presented good colour though not stirred through, which isn’t my preference. From a flavour standpoint – the sauce packs a punch. Meaty, rich, seasoned, yum. The clumps of meat were tender. The pasta was fresh and had nice resistance.

The downfall was the texture. There was too much pasta and not enough sauce – when stirred through, the sauce didn’t cover the spaghetti very well. This could be due to the thickness (or slightly lacking) of the Bolognese. Overall, it tasted a bit watery and the sauce got lost amongst the pasta.

The portion size was generous and the experience was heart warming, as always. If you haven’t yet eaten at Pellegrini’s it’s a must for every Melbournian. I still recommend their lasagna, and order a fruit granita – your meal is not complete without one.

Price: $16 at the share table or $15 if eaten at the bar
Score: 15/20

3 thoughts on “Week 16: Pellegrini’s

  1. Just hit on your blog and it’s great! To my shame I have been working near Pellegrini’s for years and still haven’t been. My boyfriend is obsessed with spag bol so I reckon we’d better give this a try!

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