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Week 17: Rococo

The next stop on my Spaghetti Bolognese eating marathon was the Acland street restaurant known and loved by many, Rococo. Since it’s opening some years ago, Rococo has been one of the busier restaurants along the famous St Kilda strip. A few years ago a second Rococo restaurant was launched in Hawthorn, and more recently the St Kilda flagship was renovated and extended to nearly double its original size.

Lets cut to the chase – the Spaghetti Bolognese at Rococo is hard to fault.  To start, look at how beautiful it presents:

The dish smelt incredible, the sauce looked thick and rich, and the garnish sophisticated – I barely had the patience to take this photo, as I just wanted to hoe as soon as it hit the table.

Taste wise – this Bolognese was wonderfully complex with a rich meaty ragu like texture.  It had the right amount of sweet, the meat was well seasoned and incredibly tender. The addition of chopped flat leaf parsley added an element of freshness and cut-through while the fine shavings of parmesan melted to create a gooeyness I couldn’t help but love.

The flaws for me were the sauce being too oily which left residue at the bottom of the bowl and a slight film around my mouth and lips. The portion size was large and it devastated me not being able to finish this one off – I came close (must admit that the artisan ciabatta, which I can never resist, didn’t help my cause).

Overall, a stellar spag bol and definitely up there with the best so far. Will it take the title? Too soon to tell. You’ll have to wait until September 2012 to find out whose does.

Price: $19.50
Score: 16+

Note: dishes which score 16+ are contenders for the title of Melbourne’s best Spaghetti Bolognese. All scores above 16/20 will be disclosed at the end of the year long taste testing.

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