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Week 18: The tinned variety

Happy New Year Spaghetti Blogenese followers! I’m blogging to you from the picturesque Boracay in the Philippines. I promised to keep up the blogging while away from Melbourne by sampling the tinned variety, which I packed with me from home. I would like to start by saying that I would never normally eat tinned bolognese, ever. I have used sauces from a jar to incorporate into a bolognese, but have never bought straight beef bolognese in a can. Though it does not appeal to me one bit, I thought it was worth a try.

I searched many supermarket isles for tinned bolognese – there were ample sauces of the jarred variety to be stirred through meat bought separately, but this did me no good for my holiday. I managed to find two ‘Spaghetti Sauce with Beef’ kinds – by looking at the ingredients it seems to just be a different term used for ready-to-heat bolognese in a tin.

So it’s Campbells vs Leggo’s this week folks! Considering tinned bolognese can’t be compared to the fresh kind, this blog post will be judged differently to the others. Each sauce will be judged on flavour and texture at a relative level with a maximum of five points available per sauce.

Thanks to the incredible staff at Discovery Shores, I managed to get the sauce heated up and accompanied with plain spaghetti.










Hmm…where do I start? Maybe with fact that the first thing that came to my mind was ‘ewww’, or the film of oil that sat on top, or that it did not actually taste like bolognese at all? It resembled a tin of Heinz tinned tomato and cheese spaghetti which had been blended with more tomato sauce and sugar, then tinned. It was far too sweet and slimy. The ‘beef’ was minute and rubbery. Carrots were visible, which I ordinarily don’t like but on this occasion found comforting. All in all, not a pleasant sauce.










After a disturbing experience with the Campbells variety, I was bracing myself another unenjoyable bolognese. I was pleasantly surprised to taste Leggo’s to be a far superior kind. The colour was a richer red, the flavour was more tart and it was saltier. More importantly, the beef tasted like real meat. I preferred the presence of onion, found in this one, than the carrot in the previous. It was still very runny, and while it resembled bolognese more than the first, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I would a fresh batch.

Campbells: 1.5/5
Leggo’s: 3/5

I would like to conclude by saying that no matter how time poor I am, I will never sacrifice the quality of bolognese which is found in a can. However, both brands have a wonderful selection of jarred sauces which when cooking instructions are followed, or adapted and used in your own recipe, it can certainly enhance your meal.

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