Week 23: Botticelli of Brighton

Botticelli of Brighton is a shmancy little Mediterranean restaurant a few doors down from the Dendy Brighton cinema. I’ve always admired the smell of garlic which wafts into the street. And so I was excited to tuck into this little Brighton (pronounced Braa-ton, of course) delight.

Again this week, I ate a pasta differing from spaghetti. Botticelli’s menu offers linguine bolognese, so that’s what I ordered.

I had mixed emotions on first sight – the sauce looked scarce but the parmesan was plentiful. As always, I dipped into the bolognese on its own to start to get a feel for the sauce. It has a very fresh herbaceous flavour with a nice acidic kick.

I had a full mouthful of pasta and sauce and was very underwhelmed. There was a lot of pasta and not enough sauce. The meat was clumpy and the texture was quite dry. But the flavour was really nice.

With linguine being thicker than spaghetti, its important to ensure there is ample sauce to cling to the larger pasta surface. I felt that this bowl missed that mark, and in turn, the bolognese was not distinguished enough. I’m not sure if it was because there was too much linguine and not enough sauce which absorbed the flavour, or if it was just under seasoned, but this linguine bolognese was rather bland.

For locals, Botticelli serves its purpose well by covering an array of Mediterranean dishes, and being that little bit up-market to suit the demographic. It’s bolognese was nothing to write home about – it was well balanced but didn’t stand out strong and tall, like the ballsy variety I prefer.

Price: $21 for entree, $24 for main
Score: 13/20

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2 thoughts on “Week 23: Botticelli of Brighton

  1. yum! This sdnuos amazing! DH doesn’t like pasta with meat sauce.. his mama makes sauce every Sunday for the week.. and she does cook it with meat for a long time.. but she uses big chunks and removes them so the flavor is ok, he just doesn’t like the texture.. but DD and I do so we are going to make this one night when he’s working! About pasta without egg in Canada there are only 2 kinds I can find and they are both Canadian brands President Choice Organics (spaghetti, penne, and rotini).. and Compliments lasagne noodles (but only the lasagne). Since these are both store brands.. maybe check out store brands in the states.

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