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24 down, 28 to go

My campaign to eat a bowl of spaghetti bolognese from a different Melbourne restaurant each week for a year is approaching half-way.

It’s been an interesting ride: mostly wonderful, but admittedly some nights painful. In the past 24 weeks I’ve eaten the good, the bad and the oh so ugly.

Still stirring wonderful memories in my stomach are a couple of dishes from a few of Melbourne’s favourites restaurants. Their separate takes on spaghetti bolognese will go down in my food history as some of the best dishes I have ever eaten. The standouts for me have been (in no particular order):

With another 28 weeks to go, I’m sure to uncover more hidden gems and must-avoids. My task of picking just one restaurant and crowning it the best server of spaghetti bolognese is going to be arduous.

I’ve also tried frozen and tinned varieties of bolognese and rest assured, I have not forgotten my promise of testing homemade varieties.

I’m setting a date for keen bolognese cooks to drop off their bolognese sauces for me to try. The best bologneses will receive prizes.

If you fancy your skill, here’s the date to remember:

Drop-off: April 21st
Location: south-eastern Melbourne suburb (Time and exact location to be emailed to contestants closer to date)

To register your bolognese, email

Note: it will be a blind tasting i.e. the name of the cook won’t be revealed to me until after I have eaten and scored all bologneses.

So, get practicing: On your mark, make sauce, GO!

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