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Week 26: La Porchetta + cookbook GIVEAWAY

That’s right kids – it’s been 26 weeks already, the halfway mark! Where did this spag bol lover decide to dine on such an occasion? Well, I wanted to keep this momentous one low-key, and thought it would be fun to try a style of restaurant not yet tested on this blog. A franchise. La Porchetta was were I found myself on this stinking hot Sunday evening.

Those unfamiliar with this franchise, it all started in 1985 in Carlton and has multiplied to over 80 locations across Australia and New Zealand. It’s cheap, fast, local, and easy. Their bolognese? See below.

Red, very red. The smell, look, flavour, and consistency resembled a thick tomato-paste-like taste. Not many up-sides to this one. The meat was tender however, it was hard to detect with the overpowering tomato flavour. It was also very finely minced with no noticable clumps. It was just all about the tomato here – tomato, tomato tomato. At one point I asked out loud, ‘am I eating napoli sauce?’. I don’t mean to be a spag bol snob or anything, but is it too much to ask for meat and tomato flavour to balance in a bolognese?

Positives were the seasoning and pasta consistency. Although La Porchetta’s spag bol may not be up to Spaghetti Blogenese standards, it will continue to feed the masses providing a convenient, easy, and familiar meal choice.

Price: Entree $11.30, Main $14.90
Score: 6/20

The good news to come out of this post is that Spaghetti Blogenese will be running a GIVEAWAY this week in celebration of the 6-month mark! A copy of Italian cookbook bible The Silver Spoon, the kitchen essential for Italian food lovers will be given away this week, all 1,263 pages of it!

For your chance to win, simply state in a few words what you love about Italian food by leaving a comment and your email address below this blog post. Double your entry by ‘liking’ Spaghetti Blogenese on Facebook here. Existing Facebook followers, simply state that you’re already a fan and your entry will be doubled too. The winner will be drawn at random on Friday March 2nd 2012. Australian residents only for this one.

Best of luck everyone!

19 thoughts on “Week 26: La Porchetta + cookbook GIVEAWAY

  1. Tomatoes and basil. They grow well together in the garden and complement each other perfectly on the plate. What a winner. Keep it up Pinchy.

  2. I love the way that the sauce coats the past. I love having the broken up or crumbled meat pieces combined with the noodles. Be it a lasagna or a bow tie or angel hair. I also love just a plain noodle with a bit of cheese or a pesto sauce on it.
    I married an Italian who loves the food as well.

  3. The best thing about Italian food MUST be the handmade pasta. Combined with a flavorsome sauce is a match made in heaven!

  4. I love Italian food rules – they are so very strict about which particular sauce can go with which pasta (to do with how it coats it/sticks to it, apparently!). And they are so intent on when and how to eat throughout the day – for example, no cappuccino after midday (no milk at all!), you can’t have a coffee with a sandwich (has to be a juice!). But the results speak for themselves – and my fave has to be Spaghetti Bolognese! Loving your blog!

  5. I love the tradition of Italian food. A good Italian meal lets you taste the love it was made with. Also I adore fresh Parmesan so any excuse to use it in cooking, or add it to a meal I love.

  6. I love the pasta! I don’t care what shape or size it comes in, or what sauce is on top. Even picking at left over plain pasta in the fridge makes me happy 🙂

  7. The best thing about Italian food is the way you feel after you eat it. There is no other cuisine that makes you feel the way Italian food does- warm, contented and satisfyingly sleepy!

    Already a FB fan- duh 🙂

  8. The simplicity… simple fresh food creating amazing flavours…an Italian Nonna can do more with just basil, tomato and garlic then a Michelin star chef can with a whole market at their fingers!

  9. When it comes to food I have 2 weaknesses…carbs & cheese! This makes Italian by far my favourite cuisine with its huge variety of saucy pastas & cheesy pizzas. My love for Italian can be summed up in 2 words..”Hello Rossinis”!
    Ps. I am a Facebook fan 😊

  10. What I love most about Italian s that there are so many different regions of food that have their own identity. Italian is more than just spaghetti even though it’s the home of it- though you can’t go past a good spaghetti Bol!
    Already a fb fan.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Unfortunately this competition closed on Friday 2 March, so your entry is not valid this time.
      Keep reading the blog however, as I hope to have more giveaways soon!

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