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Week 27: 400 Gradi

Regular followers of this blog know by now that I’m no stranger to Carlton’s Lygon street. I’m less familiar with it’s extension into East Brunswick however, where this weeks eating destination took me. 400 Gradi is where I ventured.

Housed in an area known for it’s uber cool hipsters and affordable food, I expected to walk into a low-key and earthy restaurant. Surprisingly instead I entered an up-market Italian eatery. The interior was sophisticated and the first thing that struck me was the smell of pizza from the wood fired oven – always a good sign.

This restaurant came highly recommended from several people, one being the editor of online cultural and creative website, The Milk Bar. When I walked into 400 Gradi, I sensed it’s authenticity and refined rustic-ness, so I was very much looking forward to tucking into this spaghetti bolognese.

Presentation was just OK but first taste impressions were good. The texture was most impressive with the sauce being thick and it coated the spaghetti well. What I like about it was that not much liquid residue was left at the bottom of the bowl. A good thing. Often thick sauce means dry sauce – not the case here. The meat chunks were tender, juicy and medium sized making each bite enjoyable, as it should be. There was an appropriate amount of wetness to this bolognese. Also on texture, the spaghetti was cooked just right.

Flavour-wise, this one had some serious cred. The sauce was well balanced, and tasted developed. The herbs throughout added good flavour. Seasoning was right. The sauce tasted sweet, which I generally enjoy, although I found this one a touch too sweet. With the flavour and texture both on par, 400 Gradi’s spag bol was a joy to eat.

Overall, a fabulous bowl of bol.

Side note: Spaghetti Bolognese does not live on the menu here but can be ordered on request, if available on the day.

Price: $19.00
Score: 16+

Note: dishes which score 16+ are contenders for the title of Melbourne’s best Spaghetti Bolognese. All scores above 16/20 will be disclosed at the end of the year long taste testing once the winner is revealed.

4 thoughts on “Week 27: 400 Gradi

  1. I love your blog! It’s good to see someone that’s also blogging about their favorite food! I just started out on my first blog, would be nice if you would drop by and say hi! It’s all about dumplings and wontons, wonton soup :)) cheers, lauren

    1. Unfortunately my food photography skills are not the best – it looked much better in real life. Also, the waiter shaved parmesan at the table when the meal was served so I was unable to take a photo pre-parmesan, which would have photographed better. Presentation and photography skills aside, It tasted absolutely delicious! You should check it out – would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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