Food review

Week 31: Topolinos

Welcome to the newly designed Spaghetti Blogenese!

This week I went to Topolinos housed on the Fitzroy street strip in St Kilda. As soon as I walked in, I sensed a familiarity about the place, though I had never been there before. The atmosphere, authentic charm and lively  buzz reminded me of the Italian restaurants I used to eat at as a little girl.

Topolinos St Kilda

Here they cook the Italian classics, and also have some original combinations on the menu – the Fettucini Curry and Spaghetti Bolonese Pizza are the most creative. I kept with the classic spag bol for this occasion, but will review the pizza equivalent at a later stage.

Topolinos spaghetti bolognese

The sauce was enticing – a deep red brown color and appeared  to have a nice thick texture. As I stirred the sauce through the spaghetti, I noticed a puddle of water at the bottom of the dish. Some chefs choose to carryover pasta water from the pot, however I find it can water down the sauce too much. Unfortunately, this was one such case.

It was a shame, as the flavour of the sauce was just lovely. There were developed tones of slow cooked meat, rich levels of tomato and a matured taste overall. What did get lost amongst the sauce was the meat itself. I could certainly taste it – it was delicious, however it was too fine for my liking and I missed biting into a cluster.

The portion size and pasta-to-sauce ratio was appropriate. But, overall it was too watery and became a bit diluted, especially without meat chunks.

Not too shabby, just nothing mind-blowing. I’m excited to try the spag bol pizza here soon!

Price: $11.90
Score: 13/20

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