Food review

Week 34: Home cooked Bolognese competition – behind the scenes

When I started this Bolognese journey last September, I set out to find Melbourne’s best bolognese. I’ve been busy over the past 7 months eating spag bols all around town, and will continue to do so until this coming September.

I thought it would be unfair to not extend the invitation to home cooks too, so I put the call our for Melbournians to drop off a sample of their Bolognese for me to try. Yesterday I received 27 entries and today I spent the day blind tasting all of the sauces. It was a lot of fun!

With the help of family and friends, I successfully taste tested each sauce and was blown away by the standard. A BIG thank you to all who submitted their Bolognese!  Another big thanks goes to those who helped out today. A special thank you to Everten who have sponsored the prize going to the best bolognese – a Just Pizza Oven Pizza Maker. I can’t wait to reveal who the lucky winner is!

Meltzer Productions filmed the process and I’ll be posting the video once it’s edited, which will be in a few weeks. I’m not going to share the results from today with you just yet as all will be revealed in the video. I will however show you some behind the scenes photos. Enjoy and thanks again to submitters and helpers!

Yesterday’s registration table

Talking to camera

My mum on pasta duty

Did someone say Bolognese?

Heating up

I get by with a little help from my friends…

Plating up!

Sean from Meltzer Productions filming the day

Taste testing and taking notes

My dog Layla sniffing about. She likes the smell of Bolognese!

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