Food review

Week 37: Fazio’s

This week I ended up in Hampton at a restaurant called Fazio’s. Fazio’s has been around for a few decades, and claim to be the second restaurant in Melbourne to introduce a woodfired oven, after Stokehouse in St Kilda. Fazio’s is a traditional family run Italian eatery and I was looking forward to trying their spag bol.

The menu read ‘Spaghetti in a sauce of tomato, minced steak and peas’. Now, I’ve mentioned in previous posts about my dislike for chunky vegetables in bolognese, peas in bolognese trumps that. Having said that, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the flavour impact of chunky vegetables, and was open to having my mind changed about peas.

So it arrived and the presentation was nice and vibrant, sauce stirred through but missing an extra dollop on top. On taste I picked up a nice kick of chilli. The overall flavour of the sauce, I had mixed feelings towards. On the one hand, there was a really nice presence of tomato to go along side the meat and on the other hand, the meat itself was not to my liking. I’ve found in the past when eating a high grade of beef-based bolognese it can taste a little bland, perhaps because it’s a leaner mince. I felt this was one such a case.

The spaghetti was cooked right and I tried with every bone of my being to enjoy the peas, but just couldn’t. It was a textural thing for me – I find peas too mushy for bolognese and I would prefer something with a bit more resistance or bite to compliment.

The consistency of the sauce was enjoyable – there were medium sized clumps and the meat was quite tender too, which made it more pleasant to eat.

Price: entree $18, main $23
Score: 10.5/20

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