Food review

Week 38: Cavallino

It’s hard to miss Cavallino when walking down Carlton’s Lygon street. It’s the big yellow bustling Italian cafe spanning several shop fronts, adorned with Ferrari paraphernalia and it’s staff lining the street side wearing F1 caps. It’s a place I couldn’t go past on this journey.

How did their spag bol fare? It arrived to the table with Bolognese stirred through, a good thing.

First taste impressions were a strong tomato flavour. The meat was tender with chunks a desirable size, which I appreciated. It had a very sweet flavour – I like a sweet note in Bolognese, but this was just too sweet for me. I also found the tomato flavour overbearing and everything under-seasoned.

The downfall was also in the texture of the sauce. I found this Bolognese slimy and gelatinous, which I really dislike in a sauce. On top of that the pasta was overcooked adding a mushiness to the sliminess.

Unfortunately this sauce didn’t tick many boxes for me. The size and price were appropriate, and the meat was wonderfully tender.

Price: entree $12.40, main $15.90
Score: 6/20

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