Food review

Week 39: Carousel Cafe

I can’t help but notice Spaghetti Bolognese everywhere I go these days, and it shows up in the most unlikely places! I was walking a client through several event spaces in Melbourne the other day in preparation for an event I’m helping manage. After walking through Carousel in Albert Park, we decided to stop and enjoy lunch at their adjoining cafe. Low and behold spag bol was on their specials menu. I couldn’t go past it as I’m yet to try a caterers version of the dish.

Even though I prefer the sauce stirred through, this dish looked picture perfect with gorgeous micro herbs and fine shavings of regiano to garnish. I also noticed a rather red vibrant coloured sauce, and the spaghetti seemed to look a bit oily.

Flavourwise, I really enjoyed the balance of this sauce. My initial predication of it being too tomatoey as indicated by the colour were wrong. Rather, it had wonderful balance between meat and tomato and good acidity to counterbalance the prominent sweetness.

I was correct in my initial observation about the oily spaghetti. This pasta was like no other I had tried – it seemed as though it was not freshly cooked and had been re-heated. It was stodgy, a little bit hard and oily. It reminded me of eating hokkien noodles, and was just not right. I found this so disappointing as the sauce was good (albeit under-seasoned) and this dish had such potential.

Score: 13.5/20

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