Food review

Week 42: giuseppe arnaldo & sons

Giuseppe arnaldo & sons (GAS) – If you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out. GAS popped up in Melbourne in 2008 and has been a welcomed addition to the Italian food scene. It’s housed in South Bank’s Crown Casino Complex and was founded by Sydney siders who are responsible for the famous North Bondi Italian Food.

The fit out of GAS is really special. They have a designated bakery area where artisean breads are housed and cut on display. They also have a delicatessen station for cured meats. To add to the mood staff don quirky white lab coats.

I’ve eaten here before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and food but hadn’t yet tried their ‘Pappardelle, Hand Minced 6 Hour Veal & Pork Ragu Bologna Style’. Steering away from the traditional Bolognese as we know it, Bologna ragu is where Bolognese is inspired from. It has no tomato and is a meat ragu sauce.

giuseppe arnaldo & sons bolognese

Presentation was a fail for me. The sauce looked scarse and runny at the bottom. There didn’t seem to be much substance to the sauce with only little flecks of meat and nothing really binding it. I give them credit for resembling a ‘bologna’ style ragu,  nonetheless my eyes were disappointed with what was presented, even for Bologna style ragu standards.

The main thing I tasted was pasta – this was the hero of the dish whereas I prefer pasta to be the vehicle, not the main performer. The pasta was done well – it had great elastin and texture. Unfortunately the sauce was disappointing, as anticipated. There was not much flavour to it. I detected a very meaty flavour to the little bits floating around. It was chewy when I expected it to be tender from the slow 6 hour cook. There was no sauce to bite into and it didn’t coat the pasta at all, as it was very thin and flavourless.

This is not a dish I would order if going to GAS – there are so many delicious things to eat there and this is not one of them. Do go and check it out though – it’s still one of my favourite Italian eateries.

*Note: there was no Pappardelle on the evening I dined, so it was replaced with a Tagliatelle

Price: $26
Score: 2/20

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