Food review

Week 46: La Spaghettata

The track record on Lygon Street has been a tad disappointing with 50% of restaurants I’ve tried on this Italian  strip scoring 10.5 or below. I felt I needed to give Lygon street one more chance to redeem itself before the competition to comes to an end in five weeks time. La Spaghettata is where I headed.

La Spaghettata spag bol


Sauce stirred through with a little dollop on top – always a good start. The interior lighting was poor and artificially added to the dish’s colour intensity, though it did look loaded with tomato.

This bolognese was very sweet. I like an element of sweetness, but found this one overloaded. It had that off-putting artificial sweet taste to it – the kind you find in a tinned sauce. Added to this I also found it under-seasoned. What was amiss here in this one was the depth of flavour – a lot of sweet, and not so much richness.

On a positive note the pasta was cooked perfectly and the overall texture of the sauce was just how I enjoy – clump sizes bang on medium, and viscosity thick.

This spag bol was not a disaster, just nothing exceptional – especially for it’s price! Did La Spaghettata redeem Lygon Street? I’d say not. Moral of the story – if you want a good spag bol on Lygon Street, ignore the dozens of restaurants claiming to make the best (they don’t) and go straight for  TiAmo and Villa Romana.

Price: $22.50
Score: 12.5/20

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