Food review

Week 49: Fiorelli

Fiorelli in Hawthorn East is a favourite amongst locals. Directly opposite the gorgeous Rivolli theatre, it’s been dishing up Italian inspired meals since 1991. They don’t serve the traditional bolognese I’m used to. Rather, they offer a ‘Spaghetti with a rich bolognaise style beef ragu’.

Fiorelli spag bol

Everything about this photo indicates elements in a Bolognese I dislike – the chunky vegetables, large sized meat clumps and a dry looking sauce coating the meat.

Surprisingly, it tasted a much better than I anticipated. I was actually quite shocked when I bit in, as I had little hope for this one! The meat was tender, juicy, flavoursome and more of a pulled-style steak, rather than minced meat formations. The pasta was cooked well too. Overall, it was a rich and flavourful sauce.

Yes, the Bolognese was not as wet as I enjoyed, but it was a ragu style sauce and I had to take that into consideration. The pasta was still coated with liquid, though not thick. The most important thing is the pasta not tasting dry, which it didn’t.

This Bolognese was more of a interpretation of spag bol and took on a ‘deconstructed’ approach. Fiorelli took the traditional spag bol and reinvented it to create a dish which was a level above the standard basic favourite.

Would it be a Bolognese I crave when I have a hankering? Probably not, but it sure was tasty.

Price: $22
Score: 15.5/20

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