Food review

Week 52: Caffe Duomo

I thought for my last bolognese it would only be fitting to visit a place quintessentially Melbourne. One of my favourite things about Melbourne is it’s hidden laneways and arcades. Hosier Lane and Degraves Street are a must see for any tourist. But my favourite city hideaway is undoubtably the magnificently mosaic floored Block Arcade. With it’s rich European influence, it’s no surprise an Italian restaurant is perched on the corner of this arcade. Caffe Duomo is where I found myself eating my 52nd bolognese. The final one. The end. Relief.

Caffe Duomo spag bol

After 52 spag bols I’ve got a very clear idea about what I like and dislike in a bolognese. I can just look at a bolognese these days and know the telltale signs. This one looked like there wasn’t enough sauce.

The flavour delivered a good balance of meat and tomato. The colour of the Bolognese was indicative of this. The pasta was cooked appropriately too.

The size of the meat clumps were medium, but they were a bit dry and bland where more seasoning and juices wouldn’t have gone astray. I also found there wasn’t enough liquid to coat the pasta.

Overall, a nice flavour with a few technical faults. I thought I would be so over bolognese by the end, but I managed to enjoy my final bowl – maybe because I know it will be the last one I eat for a while.

Price: $17.90
Score: 15.5/20

The time has nearly come to reveal the winner! Tune back in on Thursday night to find out who takes the title.


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